Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Galt's I-land Gulch Lectures - June, 111AR ... "for one month every year, it makes the eleven easier to bear." «JohnGalt:DagnyTaggart/Mulligan Dinner/AtlasShrugged/AynRand»

Atlantis 12.0

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 May 31st, 111AR: a.m. : Gatecrasher's Breakfast - Welcome Tour - Mulligan Dinner

June 1st, 111AR: The State of the Ego Address - JohnGalt Iamoura - The Factory Remnant - explained.

June 2nd ----> June 30, 111AR: the rest of the month "aftershock" creativity, yes, it changes your outlook that much !D

contact and further info: GaltsGulchPortal@gmail.com

And I mean it.

JohnGalt Iamoura

p.s. Happy 111 birthday Ayn Rand

Thursday, March 31, 2011

"... But close before her, rising on a slender granite column from a ledge belowto the level of her eyes, blinding her by its glare, dimming the rest, stood a dollar sign three feet tall, made of solid gold. It hung in space above the town, as its coat-of-arms, its trademark, its beacon - and it caught the rays, like some transmitter of energy that sent them in shining blessing to stretch horizontally through the air above the roofs." "What's thst?" she gasped, pointing at the sign. "Oh, that's Francisco's private joke."

Investment in Your True Homeland : By clicking on the dollar $ign logo below you can make a direct deposit into your Atlantis Account, which keeps your foot-in-the-door. As Atlantis grows and it's Motor develops, so do you. An account safely stowed - that'll never reach the spin-cycle at the Looter Laundromat - here for you until such time as you're able to make the permanent move out of reach to cannibals.  Always having resources in Your Growth Fund Valuer's Vault.
"We accept nothing but objective values." (JohnGalt:DagnyTaggart@GatecrashersTour)