Itinerary For Galt's Gulch VIII : 107AR : N58 : 100% Complete : Consistent : Compatible Living

Here you'll get real answers not just applications of theories justifying and ultimately rationalizing the contradictions thrown at you by the 'Outsider' world; Previous to the invention of 'The Self-Sufficient Motor for the Self-Sufficient Ego, "withdrawl of your moral sanction" meant isolation, alienation - no real Objective reward except attacks from a well-entrenched mystic-altruist-collectivist culture. As rightly expressed in the novel 'The looter/moocher code must run for once its undisguised course.' You shouldn't have to suffer torture when you are on the side of the good. The making of the motor opens the way for living that Man-Worship outlook.

*The desire to suffer AND finance the torture of that mystic/altruist/collectivist code of values now amounts to masochism or worse, a manifestation the hidden desire to "have your cake and eat it too"
in which case you'll get what you deserve - as in the service of long-term justice you will.*

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*note: This is the 'next ledge' only made possible because the technological aspect of Miss Rand's Objectivism is now a complete reality; in addition to that there is someone to explain it to you first-hand: what it is and how he did it.
Atlantis, anyone?

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Motor Lectures: June 1 -> 30, 110AR

"…every other evening" - Yes, just like in the novel.

May 31st, 110AR: Gatecrashers Breakfast, Welcome Tour - Mulligan Dinner.
June 1st, 110AR:   The State of the Ego Address - JohnGalt Iamoura
June 2nd, 110AR:  The Francisco d'Anconia Lectures: "There's something wrong with
                                   the world. There has always been, something no one has ever
                                   named or explained."
                                *Ayn Rand named it and explained it
                             and now meet the man that made it real.*
                             Moral Code : Motive Power : Motor Unit
                             The 100% Complete, Consistent, Compatible Package For Living On Earth.
                             All done and Well Done => fInally!D
June 3rd, 110AR:  The JohnGalt Motor Lectures 11.1: History of Man and his World.     
June 4th, 110AR:  The Ragnar Danneskjöld Lectures: The role of the Avenging Angel.
June 5th, 110AR:  The JohnGalt Motor Lectures 11.2: What I did and how I did it.
June 6th, 110AR:  The Dr. Hugh Akston Lectures: "More proud than I could ever … "
June 7th, 110AR:  The JohnGalt Motor Lectures 11.3: What is the Ego?
June 8th, 110AR:  The Kay Ludlow Lectures: On Beauty    
June 9th, 110AR:  The JohnGalt Motor Lectures 11.4: On Being Integrated.
June 10th, 110AR:The Owen Kellogg/William Hastings Lectures: On Discretion.
June 11th, 110AR:The JohnGalt Motor Lectures 11.5: The Integrated Ego.
June 12th, 110AR:The Dr. Thomas Hendricks Lectures: On Absolute Health.
June 13th, 110AR:The JohnGalt Motor Lectures: On Integrated Technology. 
June 14th, 110AR:The Judge Narragansett Lectures: On Objective Law.
June 15th, 110AR: Unveiling of The JohnGalt Iamoura Atmospheric Motor (-:Year 11:-)
June 16th, 110AR:The Midas Mulligan Lectures: On Objective Value in Currency.
June 17th, 110AR:The Quentin Daniels Lectures: Identifying Good And Evil.
June 18th, 110AR:Our Best Fishwife Lectures: Fulfillment of My Prophecy - fAynally!D
June 19th, 110AR:The Ellis Wyatt Lectures: Oil as Altruistic: Correcting One Historical Error.
June 20th, 110AR:The Ken Dannager Lectures: Coal; Subordinate to Electro-magnetic Induction.
June 21st, 110AR:The Lawrence Hammond Lectures: The Integrated Automobile.
June 22nd, 110AR:The Andrew Stockton/Calvin Atwood Lectures: Foundry/Electricity => Integrated & Perfect.
June 23rd, 110AR:The Richard Halley/Young Brakeman Lectures: On Aesthetics.
June 24th, 110AR:The Dwight Sanders Lectures: Flight in Atmospheric Compatibility.
June 25th, 110AR:The Roger Marsh Lectures: On Cabbages and Tycoons. 
June 26th, 110AR:The Ted Nielsen Lectures: Outside World Contract -> Submit to Evil.
June 27th, 110AR:The JohnGalt Lectures: On Exposure of the *Factory Remnant*.
June 28th, 110AR:The Dagny Taggart Lectures: Going back - there's still a chance.
June 29th, 110AR:The JohnGalt Lectures: Integrated PhilosoPhysics.
June 30th, 110AR:Wrap-up Session --- The Celebration Of Integrated Living.
Question and  Answer to follow each lecture session.
Wait! I have a question for those remaining on the outside:
What values & ideas have you to contribute now that man's future in the world is on its proper course?
Oh, and by the way ... "Stop supporting your own destroyers"

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Posted - Night Of January 16th - (times and content subject to change)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

"... But close before her, rising on a slender granite column from a ledge belowto the level of her eyes, blinding her by its glare, dimming the rest, stood a dollar sign three feet tall, made of solid gold. It hung in space above the town, as its coat-of-arms, its trademark, its beacon - and it caught the rays, like some transmitter of energy that sent them in shining blessing to stretch horizontally through the air above the roofs." "What's thst?" she gasped, pointing at the sign. "Oh, that's Francisco's private joke."

Investment in Your True Homeland : By clicking on the dollar $ign logo below you can make a direct deposit into your Atlantis Account, which keeps your foot-in-the-door. As Atlantis grows and it's Motor develops, so do you. An account safely stowed - that'll never reach the spin-cycle at the Looter Laundromat - here for you until such time as you're able to make the permanent move out of reach to cannibals.  Always having resources in Your Growth Fund Valuer's Vault.
"We accept nothing but objective values." (JohnGalt:DagnyTaggart@GatecrashersTour)